A tree, falling

by Wolfgang Kirchheim

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This track I made several years ago, when my friends of the Heidelberg based band Buddha Sentenza proposed I should create a piece of music without using my ears - that is not hearing anything while producing it. That I did, but not thinking that it would be very remarkable, I let it rest for a few years, vowing to come back to it in the future. Yesterday I thought "oh, what the hell, I'm not gonna change anything, I don't remember a thing of what I did back then, anyway" and bounced it. The same evening I brought the piece with me to the Buddha Club Lounge, still unheard by me or any other person. And then we all heard it for the first time and enjoyed it very much. And for the first time I heard music by myself not with the ears of the person who created that music but as a listener only. Remarkable experience.

I don't remember details of how exactly I made this track, but I am using two guitar melodies created for my psychedelic band project Glaswald. I consider that a bit of cheating in hindsight, but it is still defendable. I could just have set the notes of the melody for a software instrument in the sequencer program itself out of memory or imagining a new one. It was for the usual reasons of laziness that I decided to import them. I couldn't hear the context in which I placed these two melodies and obviously I didn't think there would be any magic in this arrangement or I would have released this track ages ago. I guess I should do more music by this method, I like the result.
One thing at least seems proven now: If a tree falls in a forest, it does make a sound, even if there is no one around to witness it.

Note: I did nothing with this track after hearing this, no re-mixing, equalizing or other stuff. This is the music as I heard it myself for the first time. The second track is a 11kHz version of the original composition.


released March 26, 2015




Wolfgang Kirchheim Heidelberg, Germany

"I want to tell stories with my music. Stories without text, without plot, more like a (not-so-)blank sheet, a musical frame in which I can imagine stories or story fragments. I like the idea of having space for my own feelings and emotions while listening to music and that is what I try to provide for my listeners as well." ... more

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